The Lake District is one of the best destinations for natural mountain biking in the UK, with miles and miles of fantastic trails to explore, in the most spectacular of settings.

As experienced, and fully qualified British Cycling mountain bike guides, with in-depth knowledge of the Lake District, we love nothing more than showing riders of all abilities, the best mountain biking that the area has to offer!


Save yourself hours of research and route planning, and let us lead you around the Lake District’s best trails!

Why Hire a Guide?

With such a vast expanse of wilderness to explore in The Lake District, the prospect of venturing into it alone can be daunting. The worry of getting lost, caught out by the weather, or just missing the best trails, can ruin your whole experience, which is why so many riders visiting the area, opt to hire a guide.

Bespoke Rides

Whether you’re new to mountain biking, or just new to the area, we’ll tailor routes to meet your specific objectives, and provide you with a truly unforgettable experience.


Cat Hart

Cat is a Girl with a Singletrack Mind, who immerses herself in mountain biking 24/7. When not guiding riders around the best trails in the Lake District, you’ll find her exploring lesser-known routes, training for enduro races, writing articles about mountain biking, or working in local MTB store, Biketreks.


  • British Cycling Level 3 Mountain Bike Leadership Award
  • Outdoor First Aid


Dan Leadbetter

Having grown up hopping around the streets of Liverpool on a trials bike, Dan is now pretty handy on a mountain bike. More interested in style than speed, he’s renowned locally for making the “unrideable” look easy, and features regularly in the productions of local filmmaker, HDDN Media.


  • British Cycling Level 3 Mountain Bike Leadership Award
  • Outdoor First Aid



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