Escaping the Crowds

The Lake District is busy! Hire a mountain bike guide and escape the crowds

With lockdown restrictions having been eased over recent weeks, allowing people to travel again, it’s no surprise to see visitors flooding back to the Lake District. In all the time we’ve lived in the Lake District, we’ve never seen it so busy, with tourist hot spots struggling to accommodate the huge number of vehicles descending on the area. For the last couple of weekends, parking in Glenridding has been virtually impossible, with the cars spilling onto every available stretch of grass, and it’s been so busy along Coniston lakeshore that they’ve had to close the road.

There is, of course, a reason everyone wants to visit the Lake District. Not only is it one of the most beautiful locations in the UK, but it’s also home to some of the county’s best, and most extensive mountain bike trails and walkers’ footpaths. And with everyone having been house bound for three months, it’s understandable that people want to head to the hills!

However, don’t be deterred by all those cars. If you know where to go, it’s easy to escape the crowds in this enormous playground, which is another reason why many visitors hire a mountain bike guide. Not only can we show you routes that you won’t find in guide books or online, but we know the best places to go in order to avoid the masses, and that includes parking!

Take last weekend, for example. We met our client in a lesser known car park with plenty of spaces available, and took a not-so-obvious route up Helvellyn, passing very few people along the way. It wasn’t until we approached the summit that we became aware of just how many people were trudging up and down the more commonly used paths. After waiting our turn to take the obligatory summit photo, we took another less frequented route down, and didn’t encounter another sole until we reached the bottom. It wasn’t until we got to Glenridding, and saw the sheer volume of traffic, that we became aware of just how many people we’d managed to avoid.

Let’s just say it made an already awesome ride that bit sweeter!

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